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Radiology Today Highlights: AI in MRI with Medic Vision’s iQMR Study

In the RSNA 2023 edition of Radiology Today, Dr. Roni Shreter presents a detailed study on iQMR, a generative AI-enabled image enhancement solution developed by Medic Vision.This innovation also showcased at the RSNA 2023, offers a significant improvement in MRI image quality alongside a reduction in scan times.

Comparing HR, LR and ER results. An example image of HR (left), LR (middle, 25% phase resolution reduction) and ER (right) of Axial PD FS images from a Philips Ingenia 1.5T scanner, showing a white matter hyperintensity clearer and more visible.

The study, encompassing various international sites, confirms iQMR’s effectiveness in enhancing low-resolution MRI images acquired in a considerably shorter time. Nine experienced radiologists conducted blind reviews of 975 scans, acquired from various MRI scanners by different vendors and models, and rated them using a range of metrics. The results demonstrate that iQMR consistently outperformed the routine scans, effectively resolving the long-standing trade-off between resolution and acquisition time.

For radiology professionals, this development offers advantages in their daily routine. As scan times are reduced workflow efficiency can be significantly improved, allowing for a more effective exam schedule. This includes accommodating urgent cases or relieving bottlenecks in throughput to meet the constantly rising demand.

This advancement is particularly timely in the current landscape where radiology departments facesevere staffing shortages, a situation exacerbated by the growing demand for radiological services. By enhancing both the quality and productivity of MRI scanners, iQMR presents a practical solution for the challenges of limited manpower inradiology. It not only assists in managing the increased workload with existing staff but can also contribute to reducing wait times and improving patient experience.