Boost your MRI

iQMR® (intelligent Quick Magnetic Resonance) based on an AI-assisted technology, enables the use of fast MRI protocols on MRI scanners of any vendor and model, by substantially increasing SNR and image quality. Allowing 40% faster MRI scans, 35% increased productivity, while maintaining and even enhancing image quality.

iQMR® is FDA- cleared for all body parts since 2018, and is vendor-agnostic.

iQMR® is a centralized network-based add-on system. It connects to all MRI scanners in the imaging department or practice via the DICOM network. iQMR receives fast-scan noisy images from the MRI scanner, automatically processes them and sends the high-quality images to PACS and/or other workstations.

iQMR® exploits Medic Vision's proprietary 3D Iterative Image Enhancement algorithms that are put into practice in over 500 hospitals and imaging centers over the USA. These algorithms were distinctively tuned to support MRI images.

For more info on our technology, visit our resources page, for abstracts and video presentations from recent conferences.

Check out clinical studies case reviews demonstrating image enhancement and MRI scan time reduction.


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iQMR provides enhanced image quality, without replacing your existing MR scanners.