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iQMR® (intelligent Quick Magnetic Resonance) is a cutting-edge technology that leverages AI to enhance MRI image quality and improve efficiency and productivity by enabling scan acceleration. With its vendor-neutral image enhancement capabilities, iQMR® is an indispensable tool for imaging departments and practices seeking to upgrade their MRI scanners.

iQMR® enables running short MRI protocols, leading to 40% faster MRI scans and a 35% increase in efficiency. By improving the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of MRI scans, iQMR® maintains and even enhances image quality.

iQMR® is FDA- cleared for all body parts since 2018 and is a centralized network-based add-on system that connects to MRI scanners via the DICOM network. iQMR® automatically processes fast-scan noisy images and sends high-quality images to PACS and/or other workstations, making it an essential tool for imaging centers and hospitals.

iQMR® is based on Medic Vision’s proprietary 3D Iterative Image Enhancement algorithms, which have been specifically tailored to support MRI images. This solution is put into practice in over 500 hospitals and imaging centers across the USA, making iQMR® a trusted and reliable tool for improving MRI image quality.

For more info on our technology, visit our resources page, for abstracts and video presentations from recent conferences.

One of the unique features of iQMR® is its AI-enabled image enhancement capabilities. These technologies use advanced machine learning algorithms to enhance image quality and improve resolution which was reduced as result of the shorter scan. With AI-enabled image enhancement, iQMR® can generate higher quality images by reducing noise and improving contrast, making it possible to see finer details in the images.

The benefits of iQMR® are numerous. By improving efficiency and productivity, imaging departments and practices can see more patients and increase revenue. With faster MRI scans, patients spend less time in the scanner, reducing discomfort and anxiety. Enabling faster scans and therefore shorter exam times, increases patient satisfaction.

In addition to these benefits, iQMR® is vendor-agnostic, which means it can be used with MRI scanners from any vendor and model. This flexibility makes iQMR® a valuable addition to any imaging department or practice seeking to upgrade its MRI capabilities.

To learn more about iQMR® and its capabilities, visit the resources page on the Medic Vision website. The resources page contains abstracts, video testimonials from and presentations from recent conferences, providing valuable insights into the technology and its applications.

iQMR® is a revolutionary technology that is transforming the way MRI scans are conducted. With its AI-enabled image enhancement and vendor-neutral capabilities, iQMR® is a valuable tool for any imaging department or practice seeking to improve efficiency, productivity, and MRI image quality. By enabling faster MRI scans and improved efficiency, iQMR® is improving patient satisfaction and advancing healthcare.

Are you considering updating an MRI scanner or exploring options of purchasing a refurbished MRI scanner while aiming for MRI accreditation? Look no further than iQMR® (intelligent Quick Magnetic Resonance), a cutting-edge AI-enabled technology designed to elevate MRI image quality and streamline efficiency. As a versatile solution, iQMR® seamlessly enhances any MRI scanner model, ensuring top-notch results for all field strengths and generations.

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