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Claustrophobia in MRI: Solutions and Innovations

Claustrophobia remains a significant concern for patients undergoing MRI scans, affecting their overall experience and potentially leading to lower scan completion rates.
The incorporation of iQMR can significantly enhance the MRI experience for claustrophobic patients by reducing scan times by up to 40%.

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Improved pathology visualization of knee MRI scan with iQMR

iQMR processing of the knee MRI scan, though 69% shorter, resulted in high-resolution images that allow clearer visualization of existing pathologies. As knee MRI scans are among the most common types of scans performed, reducing scan time could be highly beneficial in increasing productivity and MRI efficiency

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Enhancing 1.5T MRI abdomen images to 3T quality

An imaging center was facing a major challenge with their Philips Ingenia 1.5T MRI scanner. Their abdominal scans were of suboptimal quality which put them in a challenging position compared to other centers in their region, due to inadequate scan results.

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iQMR Large-Scale Deployment an AI-Assisted Technology

Alliar, the third-largest diagnostic imaging provider in Brazil has more than 100 outpatient imaging centers across the country. provides imaging services to 10,000 people a month and performs more than 800,000 MRI exams per year with more than 100 scanners of various makers and types.

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A 31% Reduction in MRI Recalls and Rescans

Alliar, Brazil, has implemented iQMR on 36 scanners of different models, across 7 cities in 4 different Brazilian states. Implementing iQMR AI-assisted technology helps decrease the percentage of rescans and recalls, resulting in higher MRI efficiency and increased MRI productivity.

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