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Transforming Radiology in Times of Need: A Multisite MRI Operational Improvement Case Study

In an era where the radiology sector is facing intensifying challenges – from staff shortages to rising demand – imaging centers are at a crossroads. The critical question remains: How can we enhance efficiency and patient care with existing resources?

Our recent multisite case study unveils how cutting-edge AI-assisted MRI image enhancement technology, iQMR, is revolutionizing MRI operations.

Figure 1: SAG T2 L-Spine scan on a Hitachi Oval 1.5T. On the left the routine long scan and on the right a 62% time-reduced, iQMR processed scan. The image quality of the processed short scan was rated, in a blind review, as good or better than the routine scan.

Medic VIsion’s AI-assisted technology, iQMR has demonstrated significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and patient experience across high-volume imaging centers.

Key Highlights:

  • Substantial reductions in MRI scan times without compromising image quality

  • Increased daily throughput allowing for more patient appointments

  • Marked decrease in the need for rescans/recalls

  • Swift return on investment, enhancing both patient care and operational capacity

This case study, conducted across diverse imaging centers, illustrates the practical application and immense benefits of AI in tackling the pressing issues of staff shortages and increased demand. It’s a testament to the potential of technology to not just respond to current challenges but also promote the field of radiology.

Interested in how we achieved these improvements? Check out our case study to learn about the practical solutions behind better imaging efficiency and patient satisfaction.

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