What’s in it for you?  Dr. Randall Stenoien, Houston Medical Imaging, Texas

Video transcript: “It basically means that I’m going to be able to get through the day more efficiently, we’re going to be able to do more exams, take care of more patients. And I’m not making any compromises in terms of quality or consistency of the product, which is my images that are completed at the end of the day. It helps me because I have more flexibility in my schedule when these exams are a lot shorter. So I’m not spending 45 minutes to an hour and a half on one patient. I can see them in 15 to 30 minutes. From a business perspective, we have increased our capacity, so we have increased the volume of exams that we get done. We’re probably seeing an additional 20% of patient slots which in my practice equates to about 15 to 20 exams a day, additional that we couldn’t do before. So that is a significant business success story. From my perspective, it’s been a real success for all the right reasons. This is where I want my family to come to. I mean, I want to be comfortable that I’m giving every patient the same experience that I would give to my wife or my father or my son or my daughter. Having worked with them, having noted their professionalism, their dedication, their willingness to go the extra mile and then seeing the final result, which is improving my margins, improving my throughput, improve patient customer service, and in some cases even improving the diagnostic quality of my exams. It’s been a fabulous experience and I’d strongly recommend them to anyone else and I’d be happy to discuss it with them if they were interested.