Tell us about the results.  Dr. Randall Stenoien, Houston Medical Imaging, Texas

Video transcript: “From a business perspective, we have increased our capacity, so we have increased the volume of exams that we get done that we can get done in a day. And I would probably say because I was not real aggressive about getting ultra-short procedures. I wanted to make sure that we had the highest quality possible. We’re probably seeing an additional 20% of patient slots, which in my practice equates to about 15 to 20 exams a day. Additional that we couldn’t do before. So that is a significant business success story from my perspective. Because my costs are fixed. My costs are set. If I can increase the patient throughput, my margins go up, my profits go up. So it’s been a nice business response. We’re always interested in our social presence and our reputation, and we’re getting a tremendous number of very positive patient reviews. For example. I got one this morning. “Kudos to this technologist. It was such a pleasant experience.” “My exam was done 20 minutes after my scheduled appointment. “When you stay on time, when you get patients in and off the table pretty quickly, when you make sure your technologists have time to not be overstressed or overworked, the whole patient experience is so much better.