Dr. Naveen Bikkasani, Interventional radiologist, Advanced Imaging Concepts, Florida

" As expected, we have seen an increase in patient throughput with the ability to schedule more patients per day."

My partner and I discovered IQMR through online advertising and were curious about the possibility of leveraging AI to improve scan efficiency. As the owner and operator of a free-standing imaging center, the prospect of decreased scan time and increased patient throughput is ideal.

As a medical doctor first and a business owner second, I knew it would be of paramount importance to maintain image quality above all else. After discussing our concerns with MedicVision, we enrolled in a ‘try and buy’ demonstration agreement. We were able to implement the technology on a number of exams for a 1-month trial period, wherein we evaluated image quality, patient flow, and scan efficiency. It goes without saying that we were pleased with the results and progressed to purchasing full packages for two separate magnets.

The installation process was relatively painless, involving three primary components: Prep work, most of which was done by our IT service. Model patient scanning, taking about 2 days, and finally, scan analysis. During scan analysis, we sat with the IQMR engineers and tailored the image quality to our needs. It bears repeating that you, as the client, will have complete control over image quality. Once installed, the system is essentially seamless, working on the server side, with no discernible time increase from scan completion to dictation.

At the time of this writing, we have not had any technical problems with the system. As expected, we have seen an increase in patient throughput with the ability to schedule more patients per day. Other advantages have come to light; for example, fewer patients are requesting egress from the magnet due to shorter scan time. We are also able to maintain normal imaging volume during staffing crunches, such as technologist leave and vacation.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the acquisition and deployment of the IQMR system. We have discovered that increased scan efficiency can be leveraged in several ways, including increased scan volume or more flexible scheduling. We have seen no decrease in image quality, and several of our referring clinicians have expressed their satisfaction with the end product.