Machine Learning-based Iterative Image Reconstruction Algorithm Allows Significant Reduction in Brain MRI Scan Times – Approved abstract ASNR 2018

April 1, 2018

To evaluate image quality, grey-white (GW) matter differentiation and overall diagnostic sufficiency of brain MRI

images acquired with reduced Brain MRI scan time protocols, processed with a novel 3D image enhancement algorithm

(“iQMR” by Medic Vision Ltd.) compared with images from sites’ routine protocols.

Figure 1. Axial Conventional and processed – short protocols 1.5T imaging of normal brain. Conventional (upper row) T1-weighted imaging (A) and T2-weighted imaging (B) and the corresponding processed-shorter protocol variants imaging (Lower row C,D) demonstrating  comparable image quality and diagnostic suitability. Scan time of variants was reduced by 37% for T1 and by 50% for T2.