Novel XR-29 Solution Gets the Nod from US Patent and Trademark Office

Novel XR-29 Solution Gets the Nod from US Patent and Trademark Office

Purchasers of 3rd party XR-29 solutions are advised to ensure solutions comply with IP rights

July 19, 2017, Tirat Carmel, Israel:

Medic Vision, the Novel XR-29 pioneer and US market leader in 3rd party XR-29 standard solutions, announced today that it was granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office on its XR-29 Dose-Check system (Patent No. 9693747), which is an integral part of the notable market-leading SafeCT-29 product suite.

The SafeCT-29 product suite, which includes the XR-29 Dose Check component, was the first and only third-party solution to receive FDA clearance, and remains the only third-party solution that has been endorsed by the OEMs. Since being officially launched, SafeCT-29 has been installed in hundreds of medical care centers throughout the US, making Medic Vision the leading NEMA XR-29 third-party compliance solution provider.

“We had put a lot of time and effort into the development of SafeCT-29, and are extremely proud of the innovative solution and technology we created to address the NEMA XR-29 Dose Check requirements.” says CEO Eyal Aharon of Medic Vision. “Advantageously, adding SafeCT-29 with our Dose Check feature to existing CT systems provides compliance with the most challenging aspects of the XR-29 standard without requiring hospitals and imaging centers to purchase new CT systems”, he adds.

Medic Vision’s market position is now likely to be significantly enhanced by virtue of the issuance of its latest patent and the company stated that it fully expects providers of medical imaging services and solutions to respect Medic Vision’s patent rights.

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About Medic Vision

Medic Vision Imaging Solutions, Ltd. is a leading provider of cost-effective, vendor-independent image enhancement and dose management solutions for CT exams. Medic Vision’s SafeCT® products are in routine clinical use at major hospitals and imaging centers nationwide, supporting scanners of all vendors. The company’s SafeCT® product suite provides compliance with the latest regulatory requirements and initiatives related to CT radiation. For more information click HERE.

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