New iQMR support center in Southern China

Congratulations to Hummingbird, our partners in China on the opening of a new support center! This milestone allows us to provide advanced MRI enterprise imaging solutions to Southern China, improving operation efficiency and patient experiences.

Our partnership with Hummingbird over the past few years has been a source of great pride. Together, we have integrated iQMR across China, receiving positive feedback from hospitals nationwide.

We want to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our cherished customers, and a special appreciation to Mr. Tan and his team at Hummingbird, whose professionalism and hard work have significantly contributed to our customers’ satisfaction and our success.

With the launch of this center, medical imaging teams in Southern China will now have easier access to #iQMR, an AI-assisted technology, empowering them to conduct shorter MRI scans. This not only will improve the patient experience but also enhances the efficiency of MRI operation, leading to superior healthcare outcomes.

Let’s continue transforming healthcare, improving patient experience, and achieving mutual business success.