Medic Vision Presents the only FDA-cleared 3rd party XR-29 solution at RSNA

The CT-vendor neutral technology is being recommended by leading CT OEMs XR-29

RSNA Booth #7938

Medic Vision Imaging Solutions, Ltd., the leading innovator of vendor-independent CT Radiation Compliance solutions, announced today that FDA-cleared SafeCT®-29 will be at showcased at the upcoming Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting, in Chicago.

SafeCT®-29 is the first and only FDA-cleared 3rd party XR-29 solution that helps meet the NEMA XR-29 (Smart Dose) standard, hence avoiding CMS penalties, which will rise to 15% next year for noncompliant scanners. SafeCT®-29 is CT-vendor neutral and compatible with the various makes and models of CT systems.


  • Offers full compliance with all the XR-29 Dose Check and RDSR requirements
  • Is recommended by leading CT OEMs
  • Keeps OEM warranty valid

SafeCT®-29 is also the only 3rd party XR-29 solution that can ensure that healthcare facilities avoid rising non-compliance penalties.
“Conference participants get to see first-hand how SafeCT®-29 can meet the needs of their facility without the costly investment required to replace existing scanners,” said Eyal Aharon, CEO, Medic Vision. “Eliminating the need to replace thousands of fully-operational scanners while meeting compliance requirements and improving patient care, is a smart decision for the healthcare industry.”

SafeCT®-29 is an innovative, add-on system that is easy to install and operate. It is fully automatic and enables the technologist to maintain his or her existing workflow. SafeCT®-29 connects to the CT console, analyzes dose data in real time, alerts the operator if the dose is too high, and prevents the patient scan until dose levels are changed or confirmed and justified. After the scan, SafeCT®-29 generates Radiation Dose Structured Reports (RDSRs), as required by the XR-29 standard.

For more information about SafeCT®-29 and other Medic Vision CT Radiation compliance solutions, click here or go to set up a demonstration and get more information during RSNA .

About Medic Vision

Medic Vision Imaging Solutions, Ltd., is a leading provider of cost-effective, vendor-independent image enhancement and dose management solutions for CT exams. The company’s SafeCT® products are in routine clinical use at more than 150 hospitals and imaging centers nationwide, supporting CT scanner systems from all manufacturers. The SafeCT® product line also includes SafeCT® Enterprise and SafeCT® Dose Reporting.

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Media Contact: Kathy-Ann Gobin, KNB Communications for Medic Vision (203)-504-8230 x134, [email protected]