Medic Vision and Hummingbird inaugurate the iQMR demonstration site in Guizhou Province.

iQMR demonstration site in Guizhou Provincial Hospital

Gil Shetrit, CEO of Medic Vision, and Shahar Gross, Director of Professional Services, recently embarked on a long-awaited visit to China. The visit, initially delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions, aimed at fostering collaboration with Medic Vision’s partners, Hummingbird.


Having formed a successful partnership with Hummingbird over the past few years, Medic Vision has seamlessly integrated its products into numerous sites across China. This collaborative effort has gained positive feedback from hospital customers nationwide, contributing to improved patient care.

A highlight of this visit was the inauguration of Hummingbird’s new iQMR demonstration site in Guizhou Province. This center is aimed to provide medical imaging teams the benefits of iQMR’s advanced technology that enables short MRI scans, ultimately improving patient experience and MRI productivity.

Gil Shetrit, Medic Vision CEO said at the ceremony: “This new iQMR demonstration site illustrates our commitment to revolutionizing patient care through advanced technology. Together with Hummingbird, we’re setting a new standard for MRI efficiency and excellence.”

China-Israel Innovation Hub

The visit also enabled Medic Vision’s team to engage with the Hummingbird operation team, who plays a crucial role in ensuring the effective utilization of Medic Vision’s iQMR technology across various sites in the region. With multiple hospitals already benefitting from this partnership, the team received enthusiastic responses from radiologists and medical professionals who have embraced iQMR for its positive impact on their practice.

Looking ahead, the collaboration stretches beyond its current achievements, with both sides exploring prospects for joint research within the realm of MRI imaging. This encompasses cooperative studies spanning from cancer research to the exploration of diverse diseases. The shared mission focuses on advancing patient experiences and enhancing healthcare results through dedicated research efforts.

As we continue our partnership with Hummingbird, Chinese radiologists can anticipate improved MRI image enhancement capabilities and enhanced patient care.

Guizhou Provincial Hospital