Presentation on Advancements in MRI Image Enhancement at JPR 2023, Brazil

Eyal Aharon, former CEO at Medic Vision Imaging Solutions, presented at the São Paulo Radiological Meeting (JPR) on April 29th, 2023 as a special guest by our Brazilian partners iDR – Inteligência Diagnóstica Remota.

 JPR is the largest congress for radiology in Latin America, bringing together professionals from around the world to discuss the latest advancements in medical imaging.

During his presentation, titled “Image enhancement algorithms: What you need to know?”, Eyal highlighted the importance of post-acquisition MRI image-enhancement technologies in improving MRI image quality. He reviewed both cutting-edge and legacy image enhancement techniques and their applications in radiology, offering valuable insights for imaging specialists and radiologists.

His presentation demonstrated that recent advancements in image-enhancement technologies can significantly improve the diagnostic quality of MRI images, leading to better clinical service, patient care, and operational MRI efficiency. The presentation provided a comprehensive review of the latest developments in this field, and attendees gained valuable knowledge on how to apply these techniques in their practices.

iDR team with Gill Aharon, Medic Vision CEO and Eyal Aharon, the former CEO, at JPR 2023, Sao Paulo, Brazil