MRI Insights

Utilizing Existing 1.5T MRI Scanners for Prostate Scans

Reliable MRI  Prostate Scans imaging is challenging. Many imaging centers, owning 1.5T scanners, avoid performing this scanning protocol, due to inadequate scan results.

Fig 1: Prostate scan, GE Optima 1.5T, AX T2 Propeller. Left: routine scan. Right: iQMR processed image enhanced scan.

The Challenge:
Research* compared the results of prostate scans performed in 1.5T and 3T scanners, and presented the need for a 3T scanner level, as 1.5T scanners are considered less credible and their Images could potentially lead to an inaccurate diagnosis. Most US imaging centers operate 1.5T scanners, therefore cannot offer this highly demanded service, and maximize their MRI scanner productivity.  
The Solution:
Adding iQMR to existing MRI 1.5T scanners will help you improve image quality, thus facilitating their utilization for prostate MRI.

  • Extend service offering – perform prostate scans with a 1.5T scanner
  • Increase scanner usability
  • Enhance image quality and higher SNR