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AI must deliver measurable ROI – Insights from RSNA 2022

At this year’s RSNA, the discussions about AI moved from “does AI work?” to the value AI can offer in helping imaging providers and radiologists address today’s challenges, mainly staffing shortages and reduced rates.

To materialize the benefits of AI technology, the offered tool must meet three main challenges:
Measurable ROI – The ROI must be measurable and clear. The promise of “improved performance” is no longer sufficient.
Seamless integration – The AI tool must be seamlessly integrated with existing systems such as scanners, PACS and RIS.
Availability – Once an AI tool becomes part of the workflow, it must be available at all times, to ensure work continuity. 24/7 local technical support is required.

At RSNA, we demonstrated how iQMR meets these requirements. We presented quantitative data showing how iQMR helped increase revenues and reduce costs, case reports demonstrating how iQMR is easily integrated with other radiology equipment, and we revealed our new “Always on” iQMR Enterprise edition.