MRI Insights

RSNA 2023 highlights

In the face of a deepening manpower shortage in medical imaging and ongoing cuts in Medicare reimbursements, this year’s RSNA has placed a spotlight on these critical industry challenges. Simultaneously, the integration of AI in clinical radiology has surged forward, with a growing number of radiologists recognizing the value AI brings to their practices, particularly in boosting ROI.

iQMR stands as a pivotal innovation in this landscape. As a vendor-neutral image enhancement platform, iQMR drives MRI efficiency and productivity by processing low-resolution images from short MRI scan times while ensuring high diagnostic quality. This capability is crucial for imaging centers and hospitals globally, propelling operational efficiency and improving patient care standards.

With iQMR, healthcare management and radiology departments can experience increased throughput, enabling them to accommodate more scans and potentially decrease patient wait times, embodying a comprehensive imaging solution that meets modern healthcare demands.

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