MRI Insights

Reduced female pelvis MRI Appointment from 60/75 to 45 minutes

The Challenge:
Gateway Diagnostic Imaging, an imaging center in Texas, sought to shorten MRI exam sessions, for improving patient’s experience and increasing MRI efficiency and productivity. The clinical and operational workflow was not to be changed and image quality had to be maintained.
The female pelvis is one of the longest protocols executed on MRI. Many patients find it very difficult and can’t refrain from moving, which leads to the need for a rescan.

The Solution: 
Implementing iQMR, an AI-assisted technology, enabled substantially shorter MRI scans while preserving (and even enhancing) image quality. The scheduling system (which supports 15 minutes appointment segments) was then updated to reduce appointment time accordingly.
In the case shown: Shortening female pelvis scan time by 27% allowed reducing the appointment time from 60-75 to 45 minutes.

The Outcome: 

  • Increased efficiency and operational productivity
    • Shorter appointments
    • Fewer rescans
  • Improved patient’s experience
  • Enhanced image quality