MRI Insights

4 more MRI patients a day – iQMR at Gateway Diagnostic Imaging

“Since “Go live” here at Keller-alliance we have seen a jump of daily MRI patient scanners. We are able to do about 4 additional daily scans.” Maritza Martinez, Keller-Alliance Manager, Gateway Diagnostic Imaging 

The Challenge

Gateway Diagnostic Imaging operates 16 MRI patient scanners of different types at 11 sites in North Texas. The organization has built a reputation of being a local provider of imaging, consistently providing great service and impeccable quality at a competitive price. The growing demand for MRI scans drove Management to find a solution to dramatically raise scanner productivity.

The selected solution had to be applied to the entire system while maintaining the high level of diagnostic and patient care Gateway is proud to provide their patients.


The Solution

Priding themselves on using the latest technology, Gateway selected iQMR, an AI-assisted technology enabling short scan time, as the cornerstone for the productivity improvement project. 

Gateway strives to keep a tight time schedule while providing a stress-free environment for their patients. Therefore, reducing scan time to enhance patient comfort and satisfaction was a key requirement.
After implementing iQMR a new shorter appointment schedule was applied, allowing for more efficient use of the scanners.

The Outcome 
  • Increased efficiency and operational productivity – adding 4 patients per day, on average, for each MRI equipped with iQMR.
  • Reduction of appointment time 
  • Reduction of MRI scan times – by approx. 20% on average 
  • Image Quality of the short scans is as good or better than that of the original (longer) scans