MRI Insights

Liver MRI Redefined: Quicker, Clearer with AI-Assisted Technology

Liver MRI is a vital diagnostic tool, offering detailed insights into various medical conditions. However, the duration and demands of the procedure, especially during breath-hold sequences, can be challenging for patients. Recent advancements, such as iQMR, an AI-assisted image enhancement technology, are streamlining this process, offering a balance between speed and image quality.

This comparison of two liver MRI scans – one standard and the other accelerated and enhanced by iQMR – highlights the effectiveness of this approach. While the standard scan provides clear images, the enhanced iQMR scan elevates the image quality, even from a shorter, initially lower-quality scan.


The enhanced scan, in particular, brings crucial diagnostic features into sharper focus. A notable example is the visualization of a hyperintense lesion in the L4 vertebral body, at the lower scan margins, which is discernible in both the routine and the processed scans.


This consistency is pivotal, demonstrating that crucial diagnostic information, such as lesions or other anomalies, is preserved or might even become more conspicuous, in the shorter, iQMR-enhanced scans. no object of diagnostic relevance is omitted or distorted, ensuring that the integrity of the imaging is maintained.