MRI Insights

iQMR Large-Scale Deployment an AI-Assisted Technology

The Challenge

iQMR Large-Scale Deployment . Alliar, the third-largest diagnostic imaging provider in Brazil has more than 100 outpatient imaging centers across the country. provides imaging services to 10,000 people a month and performs more than 800,000 MRI exams per year with more than 100 scanners of various makers and types.

As the demand iQMR. for more scans per day became critical the company sought a solution that will allow it to enhance scanners’ output across the entire organization. The geographical and administrative constraints were a major concern and had a considerable weight in choosing the right solution.

The Solution

Seeking to streamline its MRI operations, during 2021 Alliar integrated Medic Vision’s iQMR, an FDA-cleared AI-assisted add-on system, on 36 scanners of 5 different models, across 7 cities in 4 different Brazilian states.

The iQMR system was implemented in several data centers, eliminating the need to upgrade each scanner individually, thus saving considerable time and resources. A single network centric iQMR system was implemented in each regional data center, supporting a distributed PACS system and a number of scanners, of various vendors and models, on different sites.

The iQMR performance was evaluated during and after implementation to measure the MRI operations efficiency and ensure that image quality is maintained.

The Outcome 
  • Increased efficiency and operational productivity at the organizational and sector level – from 487 Scanner/hour available to 617 (27% increase). 
  • Reduction of MRI scan times by an average of 24%.
  • Significant reduction in patient recall scans – from a monthly average of 1.1% of all scans to 0.7% (31% decrease).