MRI Insights

Integrating AI for Better Image Quality and Shorter Scan Time in Brain MRI

A study led by Dr. Roni Shreter, of Hillel Yafe Hospital in Israel, shows that a novel deep learning algorithm developed by Medic Vision (iQMR) enables a significant reduction of 30% in brain MRI scan times, with no impairment of image quality and clinical value.

Comparing results of (A) High-Resolution scan (B) Low-Resolution scan (28% phase resolution reduction) and (C) Low-resolution scan processed by iQMR sharpening algorithm. All images: Philips Ingenia 1.5T, Axial T2, showing full reconstruction of the supraorbital frontal lobe, (not clearly visible in image B).

The researchers evaluated image quality, grey-white (GW) matter differentiation and overall diagnostic sufficiency of 73 brain MRI scans acquired with reduced scan-time protocols and processed with iQMR, compared with images acquired with the sites’ routine protocols.