MRI Insights

Improve MRI efficiency to overcome personnel shortage

MRI efficiency centers are struggling with a manpower shortage(1), higher demand for cross-sectional medical imaging, and changes in reimbursement(2) in this post-Covid era. MRI Radiology practices are under pressure to provide more services while battling a lack of staff to accommodate the demands.

Shorter MRI scan to improve efficiency 
An AI-assisted image enhancement system, iQMR, enables the use of fast MRI and helps streamline the workflow, increase efficiency, reduce staff stress, and improve patients’ satisfaction

The Challenge

Large-Scale Deployment of iQMR. Alliar, the third-largest diagnostic imaging provider in Brazil has more than 100 outpatient imaging centers across the country. provides imaging services to 10,000 people a month and performs more than 800,000 MRI exams per year with more than 100 scanners of various makers and types.

As the demand for more scans per day became critical the company sought a solution that will allow it to enhance scanners’ output across the entire organization. The geographical and administrative constraints were a major concern and had a considerable weight in choosing the right solution.

Houston Medical Imaging, Service quality improvement project, Texas, 2020

Increased efficiency
Implementing iQMR results in reducing MRI scan time by approx. 40% on average. This add-on product can make a huge effect on the day-to-day workflow and allow handling the workload with a smaller staff

  • Maintain schedule and avoid patients delays and staff overtime pay.
  • Fewer repeating scans
  • Fewer stressful and intense shifts
  • Timeslots for catching up on piling up exams/readin