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Enhancing Open MRI operations at AIC, Florida with AI technology

At Advanced Imaging Concepts, Florida the adoption of iQMR technology has revolutionized MRI procedures, significantly cutting scan times by up to 50%. This AI-assisted image enhancement technology boosts the capabilities of open MRI scanners, which are known for their patient-friendly design but longer, lower-resolution scans.

COR T1 FS shoulder scan on a Hitachi Oasis 1.2T. On the left the routine long scan and on the right a 50% time-reduced, iQMR processed scan. The image quality of the processed short scan was rated, in a blind review, as good or better than the routine scan

The introduction of an open MRI at AIC improved patient comfort, alleviating the stress of a scan for anxious and claustrophobic patients and those who exceed traditional weight limits by offering a less confining space. However, the implementation of iQMR technology brought about a significant reduction in time spent in the scanner, making a real difference in patient experience.

This AI-assisted MRI image enhancement technology has redefined their operational capabilities, enabling the production of high-quality images in half the time typically required. Open MRI scanners, while enhancing patient comfort and accessibility, traditionally face challenges due to their lower field strength, which can lead to longer scan durations and potentially diminished image quality compared to higher-field 1.5T or 3T models. The introduction of iQMR effectively bridges this gap, optimizing the performance of open MRI scanners to rival that of higher-field systems.

Explore the potential of iQMR technology:

  • Enhance your existing scanners without the necessity for a hardware upgrade.
  • Compatible with all makes and models of scanners.
  • Applicable to all body parts.
  • Customizable image enhancement tailored to your existing protocols.

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