MRI Insights

Boosting MRI Profitability: Inspiring Success Stories – Webinar on demand

Discover how imaging centers in the US and Brazil improved MRI workflow efficiency and increased profitability with an AI solution.

Join us as we delve into real-life case studies from imaging centers in the US and Brazil, showcasing how the implementation of iQMR, an AI-assisted solution has led to a significant increase in MRI productivity and operational excellence. Discover how shorter scan times, made possible by super resolution image enhancement algorithms, translate into enhanced workflow efficiency, improved resource allocation, and potential cost savings for your facility. 


Our panel of esteemed medical professionals will share their experiences and discuss the practical advantages of AI-assisted software. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how these solutions can improve work-life balance for technicians, enable more flexible scheduling, minimize potential rescans, and extend the life span of your existing scanner fleet with a simple software upgrade to your existing scanners.