MRI Insights

A 31% Reduction in MRI Recalls and Rescans

Motion artifacts and inadequate image quality are among the main causes for rescans or even recalls, which hinder MRI operation’s efficiency.

Implementing iQMR AI-assisted technology helps decrease the percentage of rescans and recalls, resulting in higher MRI efficiency and increased MRI productivity.

Alliar, the 3rd largest imaging provider in Brazil, has implemented iQMR on 36 scanners of different models, across 7 cities in 4 different Brazilian states. Short protocols were defined for all for all body parts.  

The outcome

  • Increased efficiency and operational productivity at the organizational and sector level – from 374 Scanner hours available to 440 (18% increase).  
  • Reduction of MRI scan times by an average of 28%.
  • Significant reduction in patient recall scans – from a monthly average of 667 scans to 260.
  • Image Quality of the short scans is as good or better than that of the original (long) scans