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Intelligent Quick MR imaging

An add-on vendor independent image enhancement system that allows fast scans, improved productivity, enhanced image quality, higher resolution, and far better patient experience.

iQMR® (intelligent Quick Magnetic Resonance) is an AI-assisted technology that enhances MRI image quality and enables the acceleration of MRI scans. The proprietary 3D Iterative Image Enhancement algorithms developed by Medic Vision are specifically tuned to support MRI images, and have been implemented in over 500 hospitals and imaging centers across the USA.

One of the key features of iQMR® is its ability to enable the use of fast MRI protocols. This results in a 40% faster MRI scan time and a 35% increase in productivity, without compromising on image quality. The improved MRI scan time not only reduces discomfort for patients, but also leads to better patient satisfaction.

iQMR® is FDA-cleared for all body parts since 2018 and is a vendor-agnostic centralized network-based add-on system. It connects to all MRI scanners in the imaging department or practice via the DICOM network. iQMR® receives fast-scan low resolution noisy images from the MRI scanner, automatically processes them, and sends high resolution, high-quality images to PACS and/or other workstations.

In addition to its vendor-neutral image enhancement capabilities, which means it can be implemented on MRI scanners of any vendor and model, iQMR® also features AI image enhancement. This technology uses advanced machine learning algorithms to enhance image quality, many times, beyond the physical capabilities of the MRI scanner. The AI image enhancement capabilities of iQMR® can be customized to meet the specific needs of the imaging department or practice, allowing for improved image quality and a more efficient workflow.

The benefits of iQMR® are numerous. By improving efficiency and productivity, imaging departments and practices can see more patients and increase revenue. In addition, iQMR® can help reduce healthcare costs by reducing the need for repeat scans due to poor image quality resulting from patient movement.

iQMR® implementation requires no change in the existing workflow making it accessible to any imaging professional. With its vendor-neutral capabilities, iQMR® is a valuable addition to any imaging department or practice seeking to upgrade its MRI capabilities.

iQMR® is an innovative technology that is transforming the way MRI scans are conducted. With its vendor-neutral and AI image enhancement capabilities, iQMR® enables faster MRI scans, improved image quality, and higher patient satisfaction. By improving efficiency and productivity, iQMR® helps imaging centers and practices see more patients and increase revenue, while reducing healthcare costs and improving patient care.

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Low-Dose CT Scanning

A universal 3D iterative image reconstruction system, that enables the use of low-dose CT protocols, by substantially increasing image quality and SNR.

SafeCT® 29

Helps Achieve XR-29 Compliance

US patented & FDA-cleared 3rd-party XR-29 solution.

The only 3rd-party XR-29 solution recommended by the CT OEMs.



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