XR-29 Compliance


SafeCT®-29 is a comprehensive vendor-neutral solution for achieving compliance with the NEMA XR-29 “Smart Dose” standard as required by CMS.
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SAFECT-29 DOSE CHECK FUNCTION XR-29SafeCT®-29 connects to the CT console and performs real-time dose data analysis. Operators are notified and alerted, prior to the scan, if the estimated dose levels exceed the pre-defined dose limits. Scanning is automatically prevented until dose levels are changed or confirmed and justified by the operator. All events and actions are recorded, logged and available for review and audit. Download Product Info HERE SAFECT-29 DOSE CHECK FUNCTION XR-29


SafeCT®-29 collects dose data after the scan and generates Radiation Dose Structured Reports (RDSRs). RDSRs are sent to PACS or any other DICOM station, to be associated with the patient’s records, and saved in a local database for further review, as may be necessary. Download Product Info HERE


SafeCT®-29 is the recommended XR-29 solution by Philips and other OEMs for customers with non-compliant scanners.
SafeCT®-29 was selected to provide XR-29 compliance by leading Imaging and Healthcare providers such as Radnet, Cleveland Clinic, and CareMount Medical. Download Product Info HERE

Key Benefits

  • The only 3rd-party FDA-cleared XR-29 Dose Check solution
  • The only 3rd-party XR-29 solution that is endorsed by the CT OEMs
  • Fully complies with all the XR-29 and XR-25 “Dose Check” requirement
  • When combined with SafeCT Dose Report, provide XR-29 compliance for CT and PET-CT scanners that have AEC and reference protocols
  • Does not interfere or interrupt the scanner's design and operation, hence, scanner's warranty is not affected
SafeCT-29 does not provide Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
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