SafeCT® - Up to 60% CT Dose Reduction

Enables Low-Dose CT Scans

SafeCT® is a universal 3D iterative image reconstruction system that enables the use of low-dose CT protocols on scanners of all vendors and models, by substantially increasing SNR and image quality.
SafeCT® is a centralized network-based add-on system. It connects to all the scanners in the imaging department or practice via the DICOM network. SafeCT® receives the low-dose noisy images from the CT console, automatically processes them and transfers enhanced images to the PACS and/or workstation for reading. Medic Vision SafeCT vs Low resulotion image
Medic Vision SafeCT workflow
medic vision safeCT workflow

over 500 leading medical centers

Medic Vision over 200 leading medical centersThe FDA-cleared SafeCT® is in routine clinical use at over 500 leading medical centers and imaging practices in the USA, providing diagnostic low-dose CT scans to more than 1.5 million patients. The product’s efficacy and performances were tested and demonstrated in numerous clinical studies.

Key Benefits

  • Enables the use of ultra-low dose CT protocols without compromising image quality or diagnostic confidence
  • Supports scanners of all vendors and models
  • Fully automatic operation, no change in workflow
  • Automatic reformatting and rescaling
  • Comparable or better performances than CT OEM iterative reconstruction solutions, at a fraction of the price
  • Real time operation

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